How to Smile Upside Down: New album

An inordinate number of years in the making, album number two is sprouting wings with only three songs left to produce and (as per usual) a great and gifted array of players helping the whole thing along. Musicians include Peter and Tony Scherr (Iron and Wine/Norah Jones), Richard Bamping (The Hong Kong Philharmonic) and the vocal talents of the ever wonderful, Gillie Nicholls (The Albion Band). Jamie Parkes adds a sparkle of violin, Robbin Harris over in Calgary, hits the skins and Zen Chen gets her first vocal outing.

Mastering will be Scott Hull at Masterdisc in New York and all pre and post production management is in the creative hands of Peter who also adds double bass. Nations represented: UK, Hong Kong, USA, Canada, China but the rest of the world is welcome to join in with the harmonies, it don't matter where you are!

Now, at nine songs long, the whole album fits snugly into about 45 mins of you life but has taken about a ten years of mine! My excuse is that I panic slowly but with purpose. So, if you are a fan of alt folk rock crossover world whatsit genre, its payoff time. All the song titles are represented by the images on the cover - to work them out will possibly take the rest of your life - better to wait and simply buy a copy where all will be revealed for less than a postage stamp if you stream from Spotify!

Expect something uplifting with lapses into the other stuff - humour, parody, a wry smile from a cutting couplet, melody, harmony and a dash of 'this and that.' 'If variety be ... then 'How to Smile ...' might just be your thing. It looks as though September (2020) will likely be launch time - I am not reliable though so at least you know.

If you like what I do feel free to copy and paste. Love to ya all. Gary

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