Gary Hurlstone and some of the fine musicians I have had the pleasure to work with as aka Smiling Knives 2010 - 2020


With Rael in Shenzhen

50 Years of Rock Photography UK Now Even

Guanzhuo 50 years of Rock Photography Exhibition

Press at Zhuai

Press Conference at Zhuai

In Peter Scherr's studio in Sai Kun, Hong Kong 2012


Zhuai Beach Festival 2015

Greg Merrel

Gregg Merrell trumpet at Zhuhai 2015

Adrian Blackstock at MIDI 2014 2

Adrian Blackstock at the Midi Festival 2014


Craig E. W. Anderson at Zhuhai 2015

Zen Art Compilation 6

The Zen Kick Musicians

Boughey UK

Solo performance UK

Gary's last concert in Xiamen

Last concert in Xiamen 2010

Rael Zen

Rael Solis May violin

Gary Hurlstone aka Smiling Knives Midi F

Shenzhen Midi Festival

Peter Scherr

Peter Scherr Bass and producer

Smiling crops Revolution

Poster Smiling Knives


2013 solo performance at the Pearl Delta Blues and Folk Festival Shenzhen


Smiling Knives Shenzhen

Lao Tian 2

Lao Tian - multi instrumentalist The Zen Kick

Israel Violin Player

Rael Solis May

Beach Rock Music Festival with Long Qian

Beach Rock Festival Xiamen with Long Qian

Inmusic Festival Zhangbei July 2012

Inmusic Festival Zhangbei

Idutang with Fei Shou

Idutang with Fei Shou


Brown Sugar Jar Shenzhen

Lao Tian Dasos and Jeevan

Lao Tian Dasos Jeevan

Idutang 2011 with Tom Bird, Peter Scherr

Idutang 2011 Shenzhen with Peter Scherr


In Peter's mixing room 2012

Pete Bliss New cropped

Peter Scherr bass and production The Zen Kick

Liang Ying Com Crop

Liang Ying drummer/singer


Onstage at Zhuhai

Bob Mocarsky

Bob Mocarsky - Pianist on The Zen Kick

Zhangbei Festival 2012 Smiling knives 4.

Zhangbei Festival 2012


Recording a TV show with Cai Ya yi

Smiling Knives 2008 - 2015

Smiling Knives 2008 -2015

liang ying

Liang Ying drummer at British Council gig Guangzhou


Robin Harris - Percussion on the Zen Kick

Smiling Knives at Zhuhai 2015PC310052 a.

2015 at the Beach Festival in Zhuhai

Greg Merrell (Trumpet)

Greg Merrell Trumpet

Tom Bird Guangzhou

Tom Bird at the British Council Photography gig

Rael Solis May (violin)

Performing in Guangzhou at the UK Now Event


With Tom Bird (bass)

MIDI 2014 transport to the Ming Stage

Band arriving at the Midi Festival 2014 with Rael, Adrian and Zen

Travellers Horse Shuhe China

On tour in Yunnan, Shuhe (Travellers Horse)

Tibet 2008 with Song Yuzhe, Wang Xiao Tibet

Tibet with Song Yuzhe 2008


Jack Greminger - Percussion The Zen Kick

Midi Festival China

Midi Festival 2014 Guangdong Province

2010 Siquijor Art Centre Philippines

2010 Siquijor Art Centre


Daughter's artwork for 'To Lie Right Here' song released in 2020